ADD $1

When an artist partners with us, they agree to add a dollar to the price of tickets to their concert or event. We then work with their team and promoters, managing the process end-to-end, and ensuring that the proceeds from each show—$1 per ticketed fan—get sent directly to the organization they’re supporting.  100% of the proceeds are donated—Plus One takes no percentage­.


We facilitate and accompany the relationships between artists and the organizations they want to support. Many artists already have organizations they collaborate with, and others may want to forge new partnerships. We identify high-quality, high-impact organizations that align with artists’ interests and priorities


We are experienced at facilitating artists’ engagement with their fans around the organizations and work they are supporting together. We can help support these connections through outreach efforts at shows, training and organizing volunteers, and using social media to build community. Whether artists prefer to communicate with their fans directly from the stage, through social or traditional media, or via cause- or tour-specific campaigns, we can support the inclusion of compelling information and images that increase awareness and support for social justice causes